Week 6 report and results

Vivipez is happy to report a very well sailed Week 6 of the Free Spirit Cup.


the FreeSpirit Cup

Well, there is so much to talk about today’s events at the Sea of Eki! Epic races, a cheerful trophy ceremony (oh boys, these sailors can really do waves! You know the kind we see in big stadiums where the crowd rise and lift their hands) and did I mention epic races?

The 2109 trophy ceremony

it was a laid-back, low-key celebration of past champions. Unfortunately, not all former racers could make it. At last, we made it and can call the 2019 Cup officially over ^-^ .
Again, a big thanks to you all for being you, and making it possible to run a long-term competition like this one without too much drama and fuss about it. Thanks. Truly.

Congrats again to the 2019 Champions, Fanny and Justin, of Nantucket YC: they deserved their wins, after showing such speed, sailing skills and tactical mastery.

Finally, again I repeat myself…

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