The High Republic … Really!

Uhmmmmm … sorry, whoever thought of this new Star Wars Republic squeeged in between the Old Rebublic and the New Republic should get hanged at the lowest tree in the village. Are those creative SJW’s and special snowflakes really that deaf, dumb and blind? And Disneys paying them good money for their participation … or what?

I mean, it’s a good idea, a good concept. Opening up a new timeline with little to no tangents with the Skywalker saga, and as only point of reference the good old Yoda.


But first let’s see what the new breed of creative geniuses have cooked up at their top secret meeting at Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch …

But then … you seen it too?

Hey, they wanna come up with actual endings! Totally new trick for every story teller ever. Never been done before. Oh, and diversity x2!!! As if Star Wars was originally lacking in diversity. How many more untalented chefs do they need to oversalt the SW soup?


Of course the idea of the High Republic (no joke) is a good one: No more badly thought out trilogies, is a start and a step in the right direction. But with this bunch of little monsters at the helm?

I don’t know how long Disney’s true owners will look at the losses and dwindling profits before they will put their foot down and fire the last one of those otherwise unemployable imbeciles.

Star Wars’ future: No Wars in the High Republic. 🙂


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