Sansar: lay-offs, rumours, and confusion

Nobody knows what’s really going on with Sansar. But Inara has the hottest rumours for us.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Courtesy of Linden Lab

On Tuesday, February 11th, Ryan Schultz reported a claim that Linden Lab had shut down development of Sansar, their Social VR platform, and that there had been a large number of lay-offs (up to 40 of the remaining staff of approximately 60-75 people).

Unsurprisingly, the news gave rise to a lot of speculation on the platform’s status and future. I have a request for information in with the Lab, but due to time differences, I’ve yet to receive a reply (the major reason I had thus far held off on writing about the matter – assuming I do get a reply. But in the interim, here is what has been stated:

  • The Lab is rumoured to have shut down Sansar development.
  • Some 40 staff are rumoured to have been laid off.
  • Some staff are rumoured to have been transferred back to Second Life.

The only official…

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    • “Does this mean SL will be taken out of abandonware status, or will they come up with a new way to waste time and money?”

      Well at least Ebbe said so,… then again Ebbe said we will be able to convert our inventories to Sansar too in the past… Ebbe also sait Sansar is not dead yet, LOL.

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        • Actually when Ebbe was introduced to us as a skier I became sceptical. There is something wrong with Swedes who aren’t sailors but push wooden planks through the woods. And when he said he finds the worldmap totally useless I knew he wasn’t the great leader of my dreams. 😦


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