Weather advisory bulletin!

Linden Lab, in their infinite inaptitude, ruined one of the Free Spirit Cup races. Read Vivi’s original report here:



the Free Spirit Cup

Stormy seas over the Sea of Eki! Only one race was validated as the fleet was hit by a terrible gale resulting in half the boats being sunk! Thank you LL for the troubles and unscheduled maintenance. Not!

The day had started in exciting fashion as both starting matches were tight while they lasted, as expected from the racers in contention. Unfortunately, a nasty weather system swept through the area, getting the boats into trouble and ending the races too quickly.

In the first race, Ian got a slightly better start than Viv and the pair remained in contact until Ian fouled Viv at the second mark. Taking his penalty put him behind but then both encountered issues and they both crashed. Viv managed to recover and resume racing but retired seeing Ian couldn’t.

In the second race, Isa and Red were neck and neck as well, but Dae, then…

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