Disney = Too Stupid to Fuck! :(

If Disney has one hot product left in their line-up it must be The Mandalorian TV series. And the best thing about The Mandalorian is … Baby Yoda! That simple little puppet prop took Disney+, the interwebz and the whole world by storm. Despite serious limitations in animation (yes, Baby Yoda is a practical fx, no CGI) that little green penis is so cute and charming, everybody’s like Awwww whenever (s)he appears on the screen.

So, if you were Disney what would you do?

Shipping out plushy BY’s to every toy store and Walmart in the country, right? Since your Rose Tico action figures aren’t such hot sellers and are collecting dust on the shelves, aren’t they?

So let’s look at how things are going at Disney:

They can’t even get the simplest thing right. 😮

It’s a friggn wonder, what this little puppet did for Disney and particularly the Star Wars franchise. Baby Yoda isn’t all that cleverly animated, doesn’t have any text or makes any noise at all, fuk, he mostly just stands around somewhere or is pushed around in a hovering pram or carried in the arms of Mando and/or his short term acquaintances. Still he captured the hearts of millions and billions of the most battle-hardened Star Wars fanatics. And we’ve been thru a lot of shit together, aren’t we? Epis I,II, VI, VII, VIII and IX (1,2,6,7,8,9) plus Soylo the Movie … hard times.

The Mandalorian Baby GIF - TheMandalorian Baby Yoda GIFs

But now all is forgiven! We gotz Baby Yoda! And Baby Yoda is so cute and the force is strong in that one and he eats space frogs.

I guess another Awwww is in order now. 😉

And Disney … they didn’t believe in neither, not the success of the series nor what a rock star Baby Yoda would turn out to be. Gambled everything on the the box office success of The Rise of Skywalker, those idjitz. So they missed the hype and are late to their own party.

Only good news for action figurine connoisseurs: BY is not vinyl but real plush. 😉



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