Famous Class 40


Just talked to Bianca, and she told me that Sunday and Lucy are planning to give out lots of free Class40 boats to new sailors of all nations. The start is made with Brasil:

Photo by Bianca (tgbianca)

Let’s hope Lucy can and will tell us more about this joint initiative soon. For now let’s just enjoy how nice the sails are glowing in darkness. =^.^=



  1. This is all true , after a night sitting chatting with my son and his wife about our world , what’s happening in the usa..our internet and what I see and hear ..and learn in second life. I became curious about “things” in SL
    So I did a bit of research.. I found a 2018 study on the demographics of SL’s population. It listed the USA as 1 at 29% Brazil was 2 at almost 15% …and growing..it then continued to say that in the months of Nov. and dec. of 2018 that Brazilians actualy logged on more then the USA. so I thought where are they ? Why don’t we see more sailing…so….. I asked the only Brazilian sailor I knew at the time ..Lucy..lol. poor Lucy… she didn’t know why either..so during my conversation with her..and I thought of a plan.. what if.. we had a free boat .. painted in a Brazilian theme..and we could go to the place Brazilians hung out ..and passed them out?? I kinda ropped Lucy into this.. then i talked to my talented friend Bisnca..she volentered to paint a 40.. that was huge!! We had a boat…then Lucy..tweeked the engine to make the boat faster…yay!! so .. now we have a beautiful easy to use .free boat ..after more thinking talking to others and reruiting..we have a idea asking permission to use other peoples note cards ..we have a solid plan.. I say “We”.now because the “Big” Brazilian idea .. is not just me now ..but Lucy, Bianca, Zz..Annalyse, and Victor ..and as I decide to move on down the list ..to 3.4..and so on I will seek the help of otheres from those countries..others that are sailors .and others that know the language.. after all this is the World of secondlife … .I am not a sailor or racer .and I only speak english ( not very well and with a southern California version of it to boot ! if anyone would like to help. Please message me… I welcome it ..wow that was long xo

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