Rey Joined the Silly Side. :o

Not that any real Star Wars fan would still be interested in one of the worst conceived characters of that particular franchise, but the GIF is pretty fukn funny!

My worstest chars list … in no particular order:

  • Kylo Ren – illogical unstable weakling
  • Rey – Mary Sue
  • Finn – wasted potential
  • Poe Dameron – wasted potential
  • Snoke – not grounded
  • Maz Kanata – useless
  • General Hux – hysterical evil clown
  • Captain Phasma – overhyped little big tin soldier
  • Rose Tico – fukn stupid teenie girl
  • Vice Admiral Holdo – misdirected gender studies in space
  • Jar Jar Binks – all time great of useless shit

Yes, I noticed all those chars – except Jar Jar – are from the 3rd trilogy, respectively of Epi 8, Ruin Johnson’s totally misconcepted and badly written cinematic desaster. Can’t help it, this shit is even more shitty than Epis 1 – 3. They at least were true to canon and laid the foundation, even if badly directed and written. And they still contained some sorta logic, which was completely lost under Kennedy, Abrams and Johnson.

What are your candidates for worst SW character?



  1. I don’t know. Looks like she’d be too busy deciding which one to use. 😊 They lost me after the first trilogy of prequels. Seems like there’s too many now. Talk about milking a franchise. But that’s just me.

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    • No, not just you, it’s what everybody thinks. I’m not even talking about milking a franchise, for me it’s flogging a dead horse! They are pumping out more Star Wars movies than Marvel supidupi heroes,and that’s not right. Every year either a canon movie or a Star Wars Story movie is a bit much. And they can’t keep up as we already see now. They are just not coming up with good, gripping screenplays but still spending hundreds of millions into production and promotion of their low class shit.

      I can understand they don’t wanna make use of already established characters and stories of the greater SW universe, coz legal stuff. I guess George Lucas still personally owns most of the rights, and Disney don’t wanna pay him. But is it really such a problem to come up with some good chars, give everyone a backstory and a function in the new or old republic, on both sides of the conflict and the vast grey zone in between?

      Gimme 10 minutes and I’ll be ready to sell them a handful very doable ideas. If they wish I can even deliver the treatments for movies or series, live action and animated. And hey, I’m a bargain. Just a couple hunnerd thousand imperial woolongs and they’ll have material to exploit for the next 10 years. At least!

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      • On the other hand is Disney nice enough to supply all the internet comedians with lots of material to make fun of. =^.^=


      • They only care about making money, not about the quality of what they’re making. As long as we keep buying, they’ll keep pumping them out. Hey, they should have a contest for the next SW script, then they would see what you come up with. 😊

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        • But that’s exactly Disney’s big problem now: Empty cinemas and full shelfs with Rose Tico action figures nobody wants. Of course SW 8 made good money in the cinema … until the audience noticed they’ve fallen for a sharlatanic hoax. The fandom reacted by mass boycotting Solo, and most of them never ever watching anything Star Wars again. I predict a big loss for Epi 9. The trailer is already a big laugh for most people.The whole shitshow is costing Disney billions.

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