Some Minty Hints and Tricks

\o/ Hoohoo! \o/

Installed your Linux Mint and now you’re not sure what to do with it and how to tweak it to your liking? Afraid to ask Orca? Here’s a video by Linux Quest to get you started in desktop modification.

Not too long ago I would have turned my nose up at the Cinnamon desktop. Well not any longer in this video I discuss how I tweaked Cinnamon and BTW LM 19.2 is a great release. We will also discuss why LM 19.2 is still a top choice for new Linux users. Thanks for watching.

All just easypeasy stuff. No coding or advanced geekery needed for making your desktop beautiful and functional, bespoke for you. Just some clicking and making tasteful choices. I’m not an expert on Cinnamon but Rob has found some “hidden” settings you can easily change.

And, see, now that even well-established Linux experts are talking openly about Mint and using it privately as daily riders, you don’t need to worry about being on a girly system anymore. LOL 😉 Because Mint is what you use if you need to get shit done and don’t get hung up in Windows’ complications.

Isn’t it a good feeling to know you’ve picked the right one? Things like “great release” and “top choice” you don’t hear every day in distro reviews, or do ya?


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