Reinstalling OrcNet! :o

Wait! What?



Yes, that’s my stupid little Acer netbook OrcNet that I matter of factly love very much. And even more so now since it’s powered by Namib GNU/Linux, and has pretty much stopped giving me problems.

So why tf am I reinstalling the system now? Something wrong? Oh Orca, what did you do, bish?

Nuffink! Honestly not a fucking thing! Everything is ok and hunky dory. I only noticed OrcNet takes a lot of time booting up, and I have the feeling it went a lot quicker when it was fresh on Namib. Dunno if I maybe fuked something up or whatever. And as you’ve learned by now, Linux installation is a very fast process to do, so not a big time waster to reinstall. Didn’t even need to backup the system, since I haven’t put any data on it yet.

So the whole reinstall thing is just a safety (or savety?) measure to make sure OrcNet will work adorably during our trip to Jerryland. So no emergency situation! I’m cool. Oh, and in case anything going to blow at any time …


… I’ll still stay cool. Because I have Namib on a stick, and always have it with me. And of course Linux Mint too, on another stick. So OrcNet is double save (or safe). Even if I completely fuk it all up, I’ll have my netbook back up and running inside of 5 minutes, blogging in 10. =^.^=

And now I will slowly continue to make OrcNet travel-ready. Which means, not only setting up the browser and all my accounts on the internetz, but also importing the music library (which I also carry on a USB stick) and a handful of movies, for when German TV isn’t satisfactory. And as a third safety measure we also have one of our external hard drives always with us, on which we carry all our personal data, a huge selection of Linux ISOs, all our bookmarks, eBooks library, music and some movies.

But it’s still like 10 days or so before we leave, and thanks to my dilligent planning there shouldn’t be a huge interruption in the usual blogging schedule once we’re gone. Maybe I’ll even give you status updates from the stopover in Amsterdam. Very interesting, right? LØL 🙂


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