EastWorld Onsen :/

After finding mostly onsens I’ve already been to, my third try today brought me to EastWorld, a Japanese-themed island, based on the design aesthetics and architecture of late Edo period Japan.

Edo Japan, Shinto Shrine, Inari Jinja, Onsen.

Cool, I thought, this place is new to me, and going by the land description there should also be a nicely done, traditional onsen with all the usual flair.

Let’s see …

Landing point for EastWorld is 4000 meters up in the sky. Fortunately we find a TP directly to the onsen here as well, so we don’t have to abseil, tumble or hang glide all the way down.
The onsen itself is nestled in between rental homes and shops. I didn’t check the build in edit mode but it seems to be custom made. Very nice.
As a routined onsen patron I a) don’t worry about wearing any clothes and b) know exactly that I’ve gotta use the red curtain to enter …
… the kinda disappointing undressing area. None of the usual freebie towels, no complimentary soaps, not even a hot shower in this sparsely outfitted room.
Ok, in between the dresser and the bath there is at least a traditional foot wash thing. But no anims or poses; one can’t even sit on the stools. :/
And the next let-down awaits us right around the corner: No bathing or poolside anims of any kind in and around the main pool.
Even the nicely done natural rock formation with water cascade is totally bereft of any sit targets and anims. 😮

Conclusion: Not just the name EastWorld reminded me on the movie and TV show Westworld, as the whole sim made a rather artificial impression on me. The whole thing looked more like a filmset than like a real functioning rental sim to me. The owner didn’t even deem it necessary to choose a nice windlight for this sim. Don’t people know that a good windlight is 99% responsible for a good successful sim? Oh, and of course your visitors must find something to do. When I visit an onsen, I expect to get the full soaking experience.

For the sim’s excuse I gotta say the owners only claimed ownership in March 2018, so it’s maybe not fully developed in all detail. Maybe they will equip the onsen better in the future. But as it is right now I can’t recommend a visit to the EastWorld onsen. 😦


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