Why You Must Stop Using G00gle!!!

StopGoogleYes, you know that you should stop using Google. You know that how? Because Orca and other lefty technocommies like her tell you to. But have Orca and the other hippies any authority to tell you anything? No, eh? You’re not stupid, you know for yourself what to do and how to behave and stay secure on the interwebz. So Orca can go and fuk herself!

But what if said Orca links you to a video, made by some much smarter person? A person with real authority of the subject on hand? A person with all the right reasons and technical expertise? Would you at least watch it and consider leaving the Google environment? At least think about it …

Here, watch this video by The Hated One:

12 minutes that will make you inherently smarter. Nobody’s asked you to become a geek, just grow up a little, ya?

And since The Hated One loves you he also posted a vid with some alternatives to Google’s search engine, so you’re not completely left in the dark:

Orca’s using DuckDuckGo but mostly Startpage and ixQuick for her own searches. Peepels, it’s really super easy and quick to swap your searches from Göögle to any other search engine. You’ve installed Linux, so this should be a no-brainer for you.

Oh, you haven’t installed Linux? … yet? Shame on you, mofo. 😦 But anyhoo, you don’t need Linux to be at least smart enuff to swap your search engine. It’s super easily done in Firefox, Waterfox and Pale Moon.

Claim back your data, claim back your life!



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