So. That’s Sorted Then!

Can be either or, not both.

Hmm, I always knew, somehow, that I didn’t make a good boy. I could do whatever I wanted, never really became a boy or a man. Had to accept it, which I kinda did when I was around 1 or 2 years old, that I was female. And to seal my fate it became abundantly clear when I was like 11 or 12 years old. Unretrievable female! For the rest of my fukn life! 😮

My first period.

And hey, if anybody feels like that is unfair, a conspiracy against them personally, a hurdle in your way to get to and reach all goals in life, I’ve gotta say YOU’RE FUCKING WRONG! Just because we all have to deal with the cards given to us with birth (or even before), doesn’t mean we necessarily have to obey the “gender rules” coz … there ain’t any!

You can be a black lady with questionable taste in fashion. 😉

You don’t need to be a man to become a jet pilot, a fire fighter or a wrestler, and wear cropped hair. All that holds you back from achieving your dreams is your fukn self! Don’t blame society for your personal shortcomings. Nobody forced you to play with dolls instead of climbing the trees, did they?

“I am what I am, and what I am is not your concern!”

The sexual orientation/gender acronym, LGBTQQICAPF2K+, stands for “Lesbian,” “Gay,” “Bisexual,” “Transgender,” “Queer,” “Questioning,” “Intersex,” “Curious,” “Asexual,” “Agender,” “Ally,” “Pansexual,” “Polysexual,” “Friends and family,” “Two-spirit” and “Kink.”

Sixteen studies composed of 787 boys and 813 girls were documented. Researchers found that consistently “boys played with male-typed toys more than girls did, and girls played with female-typed toys more than boys did.”  

This finding won’t surprise most parents, but it defies prevailing transgender theories that say gender differences are simply a “social construct.”

Every boy’s dream!

As questionable as such studies are in themself, as most of the tested kidz were already embossed with gender typical behaviour in their short time on planet earth, I guess most baby girls get dressed in bows and fairy dresses already when they are just a couple weeks old, so the path seems predestined. And, people, this is now in 2018 more true than in the 60s when I was a baby. Even later, in school, girls and boys looked much more alike than nowadays. In fact we all wore the same jeans, t-shirts and sneakers and no girl would ever wear a skirt, not on her own free decision. Nor would we wear a bra, at least not in elementary school. And the colour pink was unheard of, only became relevant in the early 80s.

You don’t even need to cut your hair to become a jet fighter.

(Un)fortunately there seems to be a bias inside our psyche/genes that defines our behaviour and makes it gender specific. If we want or not, girls always tend to play with dolls, stick to the indoors, clean the house, make food, dress up, all that shit. It’s imminent in our gender.

Orca’s alter ego, Topless Girl, once tried to become a battlehardened soldier babe but already on her first assignment got lost in the desert and ended up dead. 😦
Pvt Topless failed the USeless Army. Or did the USeless Army fail her?

But, as already mentioned, you can ignore it. I did it all my life. We don’t have to behave like the typical alpha girl, we don’t need to engage in coffee klatsches and take our besties with us to the restroom. We can go sailing, flying, riding our Harleys and more sportive bikes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of if some of us prefer to stay home and bake lekka cake. Or make babies. Or just clean the windows. Or become cheerleaders, which must be the ultimate form of lowlife females. But it’s everybody’s personal decision.

A girl and her shopping kart.

Just follow your own path. Nobody said it’s always gonna be easy, not even for millenials. Sorry, to break it to you but you can’t be anything you want! You may try, tho. And maybe you’ll succeed. You know boys won’t automatically become jet pilots either, not all of them. Some become clowns … and are quite happy as such. And if you don’t become a jet fighter it’s your own personal decision/failure. But in the early 21st century you can’t blame society for it when and if you fail.

Even with Mickey Mouse gloves: This girl rules!


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  1. *growns* the 60ies have called … they want their studies back. My son plays with cars and has two dolls he adorably cares for … have we really gone full circle again and stand at the beginning again? I really have to buy this pacific island real soon … its high time.

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