Heyyy Peeps! \o/

Just a reminder, Second Life’s 14th birfday is just around the corner. Actually only 2 or 3 days away. So if you’re interested in the festivities you should go and read some better informed blogs than Thar She Blows!, blogs that actually give a fuck and did their homework n stuff. For example there’s Ciaran Laval’s blog with timeline and schedule and all the zip and zap.

This logo seems to be copyright protected or sumsuch.

Of course you’ll find some info also on The Lab’s very own corporate bloggy and on countless other outlets.

Orca is confused. When did shopping become an event?

But The Lab has even more important news for us. For example a music festival:

Three Days of Love & Peace & Music. 😉

But of course there will be like real parties, you know, so with dancing n Hoo-ing n stuff …


I guess if and when you check Daniel Voyager’s blog you’ll find out he’s already bloggered about the imminent Birthday bash like 5 days ago and stupid Orca was just to ignorant to care and relay this very important information to you guys. 😮

Anyhoo, now that I’ve done my blogging duty, for more mentions of SL and its birthday I’d have to charge LL a much too steep sum they’d never be able or willing to afford. 🙂



  1. there is ONE ontinual problem with SL celebrations of ANY kind they cram people in mostly vendors hawking crap amongst some brilliant SL builders he lag is so effing DREADFUL and hats because SL can’t and won’t even support its own events and that’s quite frankly sad a sname disgusting whatever adjective you want to add BUT it sucks

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    • That’s all correct, Mrs Vintner. But even more importantly, let’s hope you’ll find your T key soon. 😉
      Ok, back to earnest mode now: Not being involved in their own birthday bash doesn’t cast a positive light on The Lab. Not at all. Sends exactly the message we’ve all feared since 2008. They aren’t interested in their own product, they don’t even understand it and they won’t get it right! They don’t give a crap about their customers!

      The first time I noticed what a poisenous host LL really is was in early 2008, shortly before the Open Space Fiasco, when new LL employees bought land from me, respectively my boss. One Linden girl told me they weren’t even able to give her her own private parcel, a thing that’s obviously granted to every Linden. I mean SL was booming and we had a real land scarcity at that time and only big landlords like my boss could get fresh sims activated in a speedy manner. But not even having a couple of sims set aside for your new hires … whoa, that’s bad form.

      Although from what it looks like, they are a bit more engaged nowadays. Trying their hands in damage control, pacifying and nurturing the last surviving SL resis.


  2. The T is printed or engraved on the key that you so often missed while you were typing out your comment, Miss Sammie.


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