Up, Up and Awayyy …

… in my beautiful balloon …


Like every year Tradewinds Yacht Club will have an Airship expo again. \o/ YAY! \o/ Me’s a huge fan of flying stuff as long as it ain’t crashing me. And my most favourite “Airthings” are still Carrah Rossini’s steampunk/fantasy/bullshit/sexy airships. Yes, even after all these years and with their now outdated prim builds and scripts they are still the height of flying, and living, in luxury. Yes, you heard me: Living! In my time I owned quite a lot of parcels where I had one or the other of these airships up in the sky as my main living quarters.


They are just too good. Even if you don’t use them for flying around they make a lot of sense as small luxury homes as they all feature sexbeds, TV and radio and security systems. And the style is always tasteful and ranges from minimalist Asian to luxurious, plushy, oppulent and totally decadent Victorian Steampunk. Perfect vehicles and homes for  the upwardly mobile bachelorette.


But this ain’t about me and my ships, this is about TYC’s show. As you can see it goes from April 30 – May 15, 2016 and everybody is free to rez their most favourite airship, blimp, directible, balloon, lighter than air vehicle above TYC land. I guess you should be member of the club, it would be nicer. And please remove or Set To Not Running all the scripts in your airthingie!

With all your questions please contact Iteke, Commodore of TYC.

And just as a personal warning/threat: Dontcha dare rezzing any of Carrah’s airships, @$$hole! Double entries are frowned upon. 😮 Plus you’ll be killed by an angry killerwhale. )->>>D


Oh, and just because we’re all such big fans of weightlessly drifting across the endless ocean that is our sky here I have a darling little number for ya …



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