LMDE 5 – Cinnamon – LibreOffice & Dictionary tips.

Your mostest favouritestestest Linux distro evaaaar! In the kewl Debian guise and with the loverly Cinnamon desktop. I mean what’s not to like? OTOH you could use an even nicer Arch spin, like Manjaro. But for mainstream Linux this is as good as it gets. LMDE is for when you get a shitload of work to do and can’t care less about computer maintenance, bragging rights or being the sexiest gurly on the planet. [For that would be Orca anyway, so you take what you get, okay?]

So here Thor’s giving you hints n tips about using your office suite to its full potential.

Filmed in 1920 x 1080. How to tips on LibreOffice and adding a Dictionary in LMDE 5 Cinnamon desktop.


0:00 – Intro LMDE5 LibreOffice & Dictionary tips
0:40 – System Information
2:55 – Installing the Golden Dictionary
4:12 – Installing extra Fonts
4:35 – Installing extra LibreOffice stuff
5:29 – Tips on Golden Dictionary
8:35 – keyboard shortcut tips Ctrl&F1
10:29 – LibreOffice Extensions
12:10 – Tips on LibreOffice Writer
16:40 – LibreOffice Save Formats
18:00 – Recap of Discussion
18:40 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

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