Covid-19 is Dead

At least here in SA. Dead. Gone. Done with. Good as forgotten.

How do I know? Simples. I just look at my first line of info in all things South African, incl Covid-19. But there I can’t find any alarming headlines about the pandemic, no Covid stories at all:

I find that quite remarkable. In Germany, Europe and the greater West it seems the Coronavirus and its implications still makes the headlines. Of course it’s all political these day. Forcing populations to carry an electronic Digital Vaccination Certificate, and a steady flow of new trigger warnings about all new and very dangerous pandemics makes it easy to keep people in control. :/

We never liked our forced travels to Germany, and this time – eventhough my parents are out of the picture – the govt will fuk with us. 😦 We’re both not vaccinated, neither are we sick; survived so far without any harm, just by social distancing and being clean and careful. I’m not the feely touchy huggy type anyway. But what if the German govt’s gonna try to put us in quarantine or won’t allow us entry at all?

Not looking forward to that ordeal. 😦

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