Days, Sometimes Only Hours

… is the life expectancy of Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline in the Donbass.

This video shows some German bollocktics woman, explaining why Germany must not introduce compulsory time in the forces … nicely contrasted by recruiting scenes of the Ukrainian army. Most probably all the guys in the vid are dead by now. 😮 Watch only if you have a robust stomach:

Now she thinks compulsory military service is a possibility again. :/
When will they ever learn?


  1. 😉 i stopped trying to follow your provided links because my sides couldn’t take the pain of laughing so hard.

    “Finland starts construction of Russia border fence” – they needed to build the high tech 3m tall fence in an attempt to stem the flow of russians trying to escape conscription. ukraine has become a “meat grinder” for elite russian troops to the conscripts and all the way down to the volunteering prisoners. over “200,000” russian dead or wounded in a year.

    “How did Russia lose HALF of its 45,000 elite paratroopers in just seven months?” how? by being sent into the teeth of the ukrainian “meat grinder” thats how.

    elite well trained troops are impossible to replace in short time frames which is why russians are doing all they can to avoid conscription. being unable to avoid conscription is a death sentence for russians.

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      • your hubby offers wise advice. as sun tzu jr. said “when you are facing indisputable facts from your opponent then call the opponent a troll and say no more.”


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