1. /me sighs
    They grow up and evolve into spoiled bratz so quickly these days. :/

    … and then they resign and live great from a more than generous pension. On the mainland, after you fuked up your govt position you get an even better paying job in Brussels. And that, in a nutshell, is the bestest democray you can buy for money. And we the people, we don’t even need to vote anymore since most powerful jobs in Brussels are manned by totally non-elected aholes.

    Up to the last time we tried to see the good side of our annual trips to Germany: Döner kebaps and herring rolls were always a good reason to travel. But since the best fish kiosk close to our hotel had to close (due to Covid or Ukraine), and döner is unbelievably expensive now, for the same reasons, the last little bit of joy is gone. If it was up to us we’d never ever return to that sad country.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I once was a glowing €uropean. But now … no, not so much.


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