The End is Nigh for the Collective West

Don’t get me wrong, please. I’m a formerly proud child of the west myself. But lately, since, say 30 – 40 years, I’m less and less a fangurl. 😦

I won’t cry too many tears if and when Washington’s lapdog UK gets heavily slapped over the head.

These 2 traitors can go and phuk themselves! 😐
A easy sacrifice if you ask me. Ukraine is a nazi-infested swamp, no big loss.
Does anyone really listen to expensive professional experts and analysts anymore when YouTube hobbyists are almost always 100% right?

You know, according to our leaders, and the experts and thinktanks they’re listening to, Russia is ruined and falling apart by now, has lost all friends, Putin will be disempowered and the great Ukro offensive is imminent. Right?

Cheers, my friends. You sweet summer children. 😉

Even in Ukrodreamland they slowly wake up to the geopolitical reality …
… and are trying to get out before it’s too late.

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