News to Throw Up to

Traitor Scholz is one of the people that make me go Baaarf.
Wannabe conquerors like Borrel have no reason to exist. He must be removed and erased from the EU!
Steal money from where it’s needed and sink it into a new, selfmade crisis?
Why is nobody talking about Assange anymore? That man combines everything we love about democracy in a single person/cause!
Scholz is a traitor on the German people all the way! Hey, lame Jerries, what about a revolution now that the first snow is falling?
Why let it sink in, everybody who doesn’t hate hate hate the Ukraine and its puppet regime by now, won’t get it even after marinating in the news for some more weeks.
Ugh Stolti, you poor delusional mind. China is not in NATO for a reason, China isn’t a north Atlantic country. Leave China alone, stop harassing them, asshole!
Indo-Pacific countries won’t let America reshape the Indo-Pacific region neither, idiot!

You know what I find most obnoxious about all those people? Not just their audacity, the fact they dare to think and speak such hateful thoughts; no, it’s their pure existence that makes me green around the nose and … oh, excuse me, gotta go quiiiii…

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