Nothing New for Linux n00bs

Our frens at ZDNet compiled a small list of Linux distros for beginners. I thought it might be helpful, in the unlikely event some of you have still not converted … idjitz you! But maybe this list will help you getting up to speed:

Okeeee, let me quickly browse through it:

Linux Mint: YES, Totally agree!

Chrome OS: Really? Really not I say. It’s not even a real Linux distro but proprietary as all phuque.

Ubuntu: Has been replaced as n00b frenly distro by Mint looong ago. Fuggetabouteet!

Zorin: Complex sheet. 😦 Confuse the n00b already before they download the ISO file, why dontcha?

MX Linux: Maybe good for n00b server farm admins. Meant well and ultimately stable. But for which costs?

Now you know why I typed Pfff. :/ The list of recommendable distros for absolute freshpeople stays as short as it is since years and years already: If you wanna do it right, Linux Mint is the fuxn way to go! The only way.

What happened to my recommendation of Manjaro? Yes, ok, it’s also good for new users. I was only in Linux for 2 weeks when I installed my beloved Manjo … and it was oh-so-good! But let’s not forget I had round-the-clock care by my Linux guruji and already 2 weeks experience with fukking shit up.

After 2 weeks/months you’re a new user.

But you aren’t a total n00b no longer.

That’s the difference. We can say Manjaro is as mainstream and user frenly as they come but, no, pleez don’t even dream about starting your Linux journey on Manjaro. Give yourself a warming up period of 2 – 4 weeks or months to enjoy total n00bdom. In that time you’ll learn as much about Linux, about your soft- and hardware, as never before and never again in your life. Enjoy it, dive right into it, destroy your system, re-install or try to correctify your mistakes. You don’t even need to try as it comes with the territory.

Be a total dimwit, a numpty, a muppet, a shitnugget, a pillock or even a cockwomble. You can and will be all that.

And that’s not a problem on Mint.

Once you’ve installed Manjaro we expect you to be an awesome adult Linux user though. 😐


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