The Russians Will Bore Us to Death

Coz they have all the time in the world. Getting stronger with each passing day while the combined West is getting weaker and starts to crumble. So they are dismantling Ukraine in a rather celebratory, slow mo manner, enjoying every second of it.

Stupid Russkies just can’t be arsed to play for the peanut gallery, delivering a great show and much drama. Much too professional they are, cold blooded, slow and methodically. Do they use accountants instead of soldiers?

Listen guys, how is Hollywood to make a blockbuster movie out of this SMO? Where is the drama? And why do you refuse to call it a war? You still think you are on a small, locally restricted intervention, disarming and destroying the Ukro Nazis? Uh, well, technically and logically you might be right BUUUT we in the West, we have decided it was an invasion, an invasion of a democratic country, ok?

So please, behave like invaders for once! And pleez hurry the eff up, before we lose the last audience and willing taxpayer!

Ok, some snippets:

Please be honest if you are or have any affiliation or sympathies for any NATO country. My mind is 1, my future prospects are 9. 😦 And Yours?
Loyal employers are the backbone of our western empire.
Loyal media are the backbone of our western empire.
Impartial agencies and organisations are the backbone of our western empire.
Think Orca’s fantasizing?

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