Linux Mint 21 Release Brings Reviewer a Welcome Reunion

Jack M. Germain is the most senior Linux correspondent I know of, and if he, after a long separation, finds his way back to Linux Mint, I guess that tells us something about the qualities of this mainstream distro. Read what compelled Jack to return home to roost. 😉

My darlings, you know Orca don’t use Mint – and I hate myself for my fake southern redneck accent – but I’m still a fan and recommend the shit out of it. Easy too install, peasy to operate, it’s the perfect gateway drug into the Linuxverse. That people like Jack are using Mint since roundabout 1853 shows us that it’s not just for n00bs but for old salts as well. For people who wanna get stuff done, for people who don’t have the time for geek experiments, for people on a schedule, for gamers, bloggers, writers, photographers … people who like Linux for its qualities, not its geekyness.

Hey, reader, I’m talking to you. Grab your own copy of Linux Mint and test it out.

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