Linux Mint is for Girls

Who says ladies can’t be geeks? Let Veronica, certified both, girl and mother, explain why and how:

The Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa) beta has just been announced! In today’s (unscripted) episode of Veronica Explains, let’s try out the beta on a 2012 MacBook Pro!

We’ll customize Cinnamon a bit, install OBS from a Flatpak, and walk through what makes Linux Mint an excellent distro for Linux users of all skill levels. And with only a minimal amount of overheating issues!

All music recorded by me, on Linux, of course!

And if you want to help me make more Linux content:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Why use Linux Mint?
03:29 Booting from, and playing with, the live USB
06:51 Release notes and installing Linux Mint
09:50 First impressions of the new Linux Mint install
10:56 Walking through the “First Steps” guide
14:45 Updating for the first time and playing with the Panel
15:53 System settings in Linux Mint
16:32 Software Manager and installing OBS from Flatpak
18:21 Customizing the Panel (taskbar)
19:52 Trying OBS from the Flatpak, testing the camera
20:24 Other applications shipped with Linux Mint
22:56 Parting thoughts

#LinuxMint #MacBookPro #Linux

And the good Veronica doesn’t go easy on herself in her attempt to install the new Mint 21 Beta version onto a 10 y/o MacBook. But it all ends well.

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