LMDE 5 – Tips on Themes and custom Themes

Hey Minties!

This is kinda similar video as for Mint’s Ubuntu-based 20.3 edition but this time geared towards the Debian-based LMDE5 edition, which is ever so slightly different:

Ooof! Come on, don’t complain, you should know by now that Thor doesn’t allow direct links. So please klik here!

And never forget: There is no shame in running Linux Mint! This distro just working flawlessly, not giving you any headaches isn’t a bad thing per se. Ok? ๐Ÿ˜ And using LMDE makes you even a kinda Kool Kat. =^.^=


    • Ya, it’s even better, isn’t it?

      But psshhht, Neil, we don’t wanna overburden the n00bies with too much magic. Let ’em dabble with Mint until they’re dry behind the ears. And then, carefully and slowly replant them into new soil. Worked super duper with Becca. She’s a happy penguin on Manjo/KDE now but she went through a happy time with Mint first. And I guess that time gave her the needed routine and knowledge you need before branching out into Archy territory.

      Remember I even once wrote something about starting out with Manjo as first distro since it’s so simples. Well, I refracted from that position by now. My youthful optimism got the better of me but now I think Manjo is not a good first distro.

      Oh, btw, you said you often don’t switch your computers on – for weeks! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ You know Archy distros need to be updated regulary, do ya? Manjo a whole less often than vanilla Arch but every fortnight or at least monthly I’d go through the update in order not to upset your machine.


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