Typical for Orca’s computer setup these days:

UltraOrc and MiniMax both on Manjaro, both awesome. The mini Lennies, Gaga and GagaMore, are out cold and waiting for new Linux distros to be tested on them. Probably forever. 😐 Guys, really, I’m so super duper happy with my recent setup, I don’t feel any curiosity to find out what other distros I should install. I’m even thinking about selling the small form factor Lenovos off.

OTOH not even in SA could I get enough money to make it worthwile for me to announce them on Gumtree, so I guess Imma gonna keep ’em. Oh, and they both make super duper replacement workhorses in case MiniMax fux up or sumfink.

Oh yes, didn’t I wanna do a writeup about Sparky Linux? Well, as far as Debian distros go it’s just the right thing for me, probably not for 98% of other users. Ok? Dat enuff?

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