RebornOS: Really?

Was that really a necessity? After EndeavourOS this is the second Arch-based distro claiming to be the legitimate heir of defunct Antergos. And, same as Endeavour it gives you the choice of a variety of desktop environments and window managers, all from the same ISO file.

Your favourite Cinnamon and Orca’s favourite Mate are on board, among other choices, by default. The standards KDE and Xfce and of course the inevitable GNOME. Whoopdidoo! 😐

Jack M. Germain didn’t break out into squeals of joy in his review, and neither do I. In Jack’s article you’ll soon notice that all the things he jotted down as positives are due to Reborn’s nature as a Arch based system (simplicity and choice, yawn), not specifically Reborn-y. In so far I suspect it’ll be the same very sober leave everything to the customer kinda distro. Maximum freedom, maximum DIY, minimal quirks, minimal character and personality in itself. Jack wrote it himself: “Much of this distro’s power and uniqueness is not evident until you install it.” That’s Arch, Jack, pure and simple.

Updates will come directly from Upstream Arch, like in EOS, so you’ll be up to date as can be. Differences in tools, preinstalled apps and programs will be in the detail but no earth shaking dealbreakers.

Another EndeavourOS copy …

So without even installing Reborn I can already tell you it’ll be a basic Arch experience in so far that you decide for yourself what that experience is gonna be. Nothing wrong with that. Also nothing new and nothing exciting. In other words: Needless. No reason to delete your EOS or Manjo just to try out Reborn.

And then again … why tf not? If you got a spare lappy laying around the house somewhere, go get your copy of RebornOS, put it on that spare machine and take it for a little test drive around the block. And – ¡mucho importante! – let your fellow bloggies know how it went.

Oh, almost forgot to mention: If you’re, like, brand spanking new to Linux, Reborn ain’t the right choice as a n00b distro! For your first contact go over to Linux Mint and let yourself get spoiled and enchanted by Clem and his gang. And cya in 2 or 3 months down the road, ok?


  1. 😐 I am not a fan of the Cnchi installer (Which is what RebornOS uses).

    I prefer EndeavourOS with its Calamares installer (It is way more reliable than the Cnchi installer).

    In the days of trying out Antergos, the Cnchi installer failed on me more than once.

    On a positive note, RebornOS is another simple way to install Arch Linux.

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    • Yes, Renard, that it is. Otoh I must ask if we need it. Ya know, once installed it is probably exactly like EOS; vanillla Arch with some DEs and WMs and a minimum of creature comforts added to it. That’s why I didn’t even check it out.

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