Don’t Fear the LMDE

Derek of the DistroTube channel on YouTube is one of the few voices of reason in the Linux sphere. And very reasonable is his video about Linux Mint’s Debian Edition. Looksee:

A couple of days ago, Linux Mint released their latest Linux Mint Debian Edition version 5 codenamed “Elsie.” LMDE is Linux Mint’s hedge in case anything ever happens to Ubuntu that would force Mint to base off of another distro. Maybe, they should go ahead and make the move now.


Come on people, you’ve already proven you don’t need Microsoft on your computers. Now get rid of Canonical as well. ^.^


    • I guess Mint has taken the n00b crown already a long time ago, Neo. Or have you heard anything about Linux Lite lately? And wasn’t that THE dedicated n00b distro for a very long time?


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