Below the Top 20

I know what I said. Shuddup about it! Yes, we don’t much care about anything below the Top 5, or even the Top 3. Because we’re ladies of style and distinction, blasé and arrogant af. And that’s a good thing, innit?

But in order to keep you save and cuddled in your lofty positions, your blogbish must sometimes take a peek outside the top hits, just to stay informed about upcoming trends and what could be hot and fashionable on your desktops in the future.

Anyway, slightly below the Top 20 we hi-five these 3 old friends …

Arco and vanilla Arch are stagnating for various reasons (yawn) but Sparky is on a slight upwards trend. I wrote about the Debian forkoff Sparky in the past and was full of praise for this humble workhorse distro every time. And now, with rumours about that other Debian offspring MX going the Microsoft way and not working on slightly older hardware anymore, Sparky is a logical ersatz. I guess I mentioned that I would be computing on Sparky if I wasn’t so crazy in love with various Arch-ish distros’ glitz and glamour already.

A true Arch Linux girl! 😉

Far be it from me to tell you to switch to Debian. When you’re on Mint – original or LMDE – you’re already kinda computing on kinda Debian and once you jumped to Manjaro or any other Arch-y distro you’re far too snotty to consider that side of Linux anymore. But just in case, say you gotta admin a server farm or sumfin’, or you only have a very-very-old-old netbook or so, then yes, by all means Sparky is your best buddy.

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