High Fidelity Invests In Second Life & Return Of Philip Rosedale

Is LL cash-strapped again?

This is an unexpected move from both sides, Oberwolf and Philip. At least for me this comes as a total surprise.

Daniel Voyager

Breaking News

Today a new press release today was sent out announcing that High Fidelity has acquired an interest in Linden Research, Inc. The good news is that Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) returns as an strategic advisor along with key metaverse assets.

Philip Rosedale will work with Linden Lab executive chairman Brad Oberwager. The transaction will help Second Life further scale its operations and strengthen its commitment to growing an innovative, inclusive, and diverse metaverse where its inhabitants’ ingenuity drives real-world value for themselves and others.

It will be interesting to see how this new interest unveils over the coming months and years.

There will be a special Lab Gab episode on this big news happening in late January 2022. It’s been announced today via the Second Life blog. It’s going to be great show I’m sure with the return of Philip. Yay.

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