Megatron Diary: Day 648

Hey, hi, hallo!

Since none of you people posted back to tell me my calculation is off 1 day, Imma gonna stick with the old system, so today is day 648 of the lockdown. Okay?

And see! Moronic strain of Covid-19 is back in the news! Why? Anything spectacularly alarming, like OMG we all gonna dieeeee! :o? Nope. Not entirely …

The WHO is completely right, you know? Of course will Omicron be the dominant variant, as if anybody ever doubted that. BUUUUT! It doesn’t matter! Not anymore. Read the article? Ok, so you know when infected you’ll develop a cough. Not even a pneumonia, a cough, ffs!

Where “a high portion of the population remains unvaccinated” more people will develop a cough. Thank you for this important info, WHO. Vaxxed, unvaxxed, you know being sick is never funny and I don’t wish an infection on anybody but, people, don’t be such dramaqueens and crybabies. Just try to avoid infection and stay healthy!

That was today’s report from the crisis zone. Orca over and out. You guys stay awesome, alright!


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