O@tM: The Neglected Ones, Pt. II

As promised – and I know you can hardly wait – here’s the second part of mini-reviews that I had ignored for one or another reason up to the year’s end:

Averagely funny movie not just for kids. Sharply observed human behaviour. Mild, non-hurtful humour. Apart from that nothing special.

More grown up than the first Croods film, more social commentary – not necessarily more funny. Don’t get me wrong please, both Croods films are good entertainment but indeed almost more drama than comedy.

A piece of late medieval Korean history from 1636 (the year it happened, not the movie production), proud Koreans not caving in to the Chinese Qing dynasty. A mildly disappointing production with lots (a helluva lot!) of convoluted plot and badly subtitled dialogue and setup and not much of kung-fu battle action.

Hubby loved Wes Anderson’s newest quirkfest, I found it more so-so. Even for a Wes Anderson movie there was a bit too much going on, one layer too many in his storytelling. We get stories told through the eyes of a buncha eclectic Journos, who are themselves a topic of The French Dispatch. And by doing so the film loses focus.

In the end it was a Wes Anderson movie and alone for that fact already a thousand times better than most of the other films we got too see in the last couple months. Just not up there with his bestest.

Many movie reviewers and film critics loved this one. Hubby as well. Only amateur Orca was too stupid to really get it and ended up mostly bored. Sorry people, when I watch a movie, independent of its intellectual value I wanna be blown away, impressed by everything I see.

And for my rather basic taste The Green Knight had to many problems, particularly with the pace and a too abstract concept. I expected some knight battle action and all I got was high art. Or was it just a fairytale? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Whoa! What an evil flick. Such blunt social critique could’ve only been cooked up in the States! But that this movie has actually been made … it’s a wonder. I guess this story sits almost too close to reality. No? Anyway, it’s brutal.

I wasn’t bored. But I can’t say I was well entertained neither. In fact I hope never have to watch this piece again.

Like The Green Knight, this is another A24 production, which means for normal people it can be a bit hit or miss … or actually mostly rather miss than hit. Guys, if you enjoy observing one or two lighthouse attendents’s descend into madness, this is the movie for you. It wasn’t my cup of tea, at all. The biggest problem for me was that Pattinson’s Thomas Howard – who’s perspective we follow isn’t a trustworthy narrator. That Dafoe’s Thomas Wake is a mean psychopath is clear, isn’t it? Not? There are doubts. I guess both are rather questionable characters and same as with Green Knight and The Hunt, I hope I never have to watch this film again.

On a positive note it needs to be mentioned that the eerie claustrophobic atmosphere was just right and both actors at the height of their profession. I just had no joy.

Maybe Spielberg’s Private Ryan had more immediate punch, better technique and all the stuff we expect from a big Hollywood production in the early 21st century but The Longest Day shows us the complete invasion day, with many real existing characters and troops and true anecdotes. And look at the cast: Everybody who was somebody was in this mega movie! And all involved nations were portrayed by indigenous actors. Americans were played by Americans, Brits by Brits, French by Fench, Poles by Americans, and Gerries by Gerries.

Every couple years, around early June – when the weather is sucky here at the Cape – hubby forces me to watch this great battle tableau with him. And it’s always good.

To say Lana Wachowski has lost the plot is a gross understatement. I don’t even know where to begin when listing the many mistakes that were made with this wannabe Matrix resuscitation. To make it short: This flick was a bad idea and should’ve never been made!

The whole convoluted concept is wrongwrongwrong, our two main heroes, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are old and not really into it (they never had great chemistry in the old movies neither), new characters are a woke mess, and the plot can’t decide if it’s a real Matrix movie, or just a parody. We needed 2 attempts to get through the Matrix Rethingy, and even at the second try we watched the last half hour on fast forward.

Fuk, this was annoyingly bad!

Another well-meant but ultimately just average thriller. Typical B-movie with a B-lister in the main man role. Watchable but compared to similar movies (Wind River) nothing special. Watch it on a long and boring Sunday afternoon.

I can’t tell you anything about this flick. Although it ended up in our Watched folder I can’t remember shit about it. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Reading it up on IMDb convinced me on the mediocrity of this absolutely forgetable cineastic lightweight.

Peter Jackson is a gimmick man. For me this old WW1 material would’ve worked better without colourisation and the silly artificial soundrack. If anything these addtitions are influencing the original filmstock negatively and taking away from the authenticity. But I’m still grateful to Peter Jackson for releasing this mostly never shown before material.

My inner historian loved it very much.

So, this was the second part and afaik all movies I watched but didn’t write about are now taken care of. I’ve already some movies lined up for watching, so fear not, Orca’s column of useless reviews will go on in the new year.

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