My Internet Yesterday

Me, happy happy with our 50Mbps fibre connection … until suddenly the internet comes to a grinding halt. 😮 Me, curiously tries to reach a speedometer … and it werkz … werkz indeed, and even a bit too well:

Spooky 😮

300 Mbps … 200 … 100 … finally the meter settles at 68. Whoa! Thank you Rocketnet but I don’t pay for that. 😐 Turns out I don’t have to, as a minute later the speed goes down to the usual 50 Mbps,where we were since months and are now as well. Guys if you wanna sell us 100 Mbps, you better deliver and don’t stop at 68.

What a weird glitch in the matrix, no?


    • We’ve just been upgraded from 25/25 to 50/50 without paying more. I guess 100/100 is the fastest we can get here … but it’s unneccesary and pretty costly.


    • Not throttled, we get our usual 50/50 we pay for. Actually we’re only paying for 25/25 but they bumped us up a while ago. And yes, the fastest possible speed would be 100/100, so they are kinda throttling us. I love fibre!


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