Firefox 94

You got it already? Manjaro updated me just nownow and I must say I kinda liked the new colourschemes and tried it out immediately.

Okay, the yellowish, I guess, takes some time to get used to. But better than the usual white, no?

Well, that’s all very nice n stuff but nothing we couldn’t have done by ourselves or is it? Apart from that, as far as I know, they didn’t change anything in the actual Firefuk browser. That’s a good thing I guess, coz in the last couple years our fave browser just got worse step by step, version to version. But now I’m wondering since they didn’t come up with anything spectacular on the surface, what kind of hellish meaniepooface dreck did they implement under the hood?

They gave us 3 more themes to make FF more beautifullerer. Yep.

Let’s ask the smart geeks on YouTube, shall we?

Couldn’t find any good videos about FF94 on Linux 😦

You noticed I switched back to a darker, less eye-cancer inducing dark theme now. Let’s wait what will transpire about FF94 in the next couple days and then we’ll talk again, ok?


  1. Colours are not of any interest for me. Stable? It’s weird but YouTube acts like shit now. When you jump from any channel’s Home to the Videos page, it takes several minutes. But weirdly only in Manjaro on my AMD desktop. In EndeavourOS on my laptop it works like always.

    But anyway, what were there thinking, giving us an updated version that hardly changed at all? What traps did they introduce under the hood? You know we can’t trust Mozilla anymore. :/

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    • Google is trying their hard-to-make everything work on their Chrome browser only, a kind of monopolistic approach. But there are users who don’t want a single browser to dominate the place, as a healthy competition always benefits users only.

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