Karmi’s Looking for a New Laptop

Obviously inspired by me he’s also looking at Clevo’s lekker NV41MZ but dismissed it as he finds the 14″ screen too huge for his needs. Ya, I’d like a 12-13″ screen as well, but Clevo doesn’t seem to make those. And, sorry Karmi, I couldn’t find anything about the nit of the screen brightness neither. It seems either Clevo or the dealers are making a secret of it. Probably coz the screens aren’t too bright. I couldn’t even find out if the screen is glossy or matte. 😐

More about the technicalities in Karmi’s very interesting blog

Karmi doesn’t seem to be too concerned about his privacy, which is the biggest difference between American and European users. He actually doesn’t mind owning a Chromebook, while I wouldn’t take one if you gave it to me for free. Or, yes, I’d take it and then immediately try to put Linux on it. =^.^=

We both are on the same page regarding Acer laptops. These things are so cheap for a reason: They are of riff-raff quality and fall apart pretty soon after purchase. 😮 I had an eye on the pretty Asus Zenbook as well but heard they too suffer terrible quality problems. Also they aren’t available anywhere right now. Anyhoo, all the best with your shopping experience, Karmi.


  1. Thanks for ‘Da “best” … BTW, did finally find one CLEVO site that mentioned nits on that display – English version of Laptop with Linux:

    NV41MZ: 14″ IPS LED FULL-HD 1920×1080 with 60Hz (Matt) 72% NTSC
    NV41MZ: Luminance 300 cd/m² (Nits) – eDP (2 Lanes)
    NV41MB/NV41ME: 14″ IPS LED FULL-HD 1920×1080 with 120Hz (Matt) 45% NTSC
    NV41MB/NV41ME: Luminance 250 cd/m² (Nits) – eDP (2 Lanes)

    Have to guess what display you have tho… 😉 Looks like build a great barebones tho, and a lot of gamers apparently like them.

    May try that Framework DIY barebones at some point next year…they have a non-touch 13.5” 3:2 2256×1504 wid 400 nit rated display. New outfit that I like a lot, but want to give them more time before I spend over a $1000 on one.

    Chromebooks are more secure than any computer not set up by super specialists (e.g. ones that work at MS, Amazon, Google). I just don’t want to spend the time fully learning another OS…dealing wid 2000+++++ Linux Distros consumes more than enough time, Gave away the 11″ Chromebook, looking to give away the 14″ FHD HP Chromebook now. Converted the 12.2″ Samsung Chromebook into a dual-boot of Fedora 34 Cinnamon & CloudReady Linux (basically same as Chrome OS, except it open source instead of propriety) Laptop/Tablet/Sketchbook.

    HP has some great deals going on now…really great, but you have to look. Also had lowest prices…mostly.

    Like you have done wid y’alls new lappie…it takes lots of searching to get the right one. Tho, I did spend a lot of time searching for a less than $300 lappie mid-2019 when I settled on that $259+- Acer. In a few months, have used all my Chromebooks more that I did that Acer. Fixed the keyboard back in March…cheap cable came loose. Was going to give it away, but whilst prepping for giving it away, discovered the keyboard didn’t work. Took it apart and tried to fix it again…ended up not putting it back together, and threw it all into a bag then into garbage can.


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    • I’ve ordered the MZ version, so it’s 300 nits and a matt screen. Just as we prefer it. Cool.

      Chromebooks, as nifty as they are, don’t give us enough storage but rely on you being always online. We wanna avoid this dependency.

      And LOL, my Acer will share the same fate with yours. Would be nice if it was still functional but that ship has sailed. :/ Will bring it to my computer repair lady who has the means to recycle it. Or maybe she can fix it …

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      • Framework is really interesting, cool concept. But I guess they are too fresh on the market to sink my little funds into them. I’ve bookmarked them a while ago and will keep an eye on their shit.

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      • OK, you knew what you ordered. My desktop PC monitors are all @ 250 nits…maybe one is 300 (?). That’s bright enough for indoors, but apparently not so good outdoors.

        My brother wants the 14″ FHD HP Chromebook for one of his nephews (my ?!?). Storage wasn’t a problem for me wid them, e.g. used USB and/or microSD media card reader for data. There’s more to Chromebooks that just having to be online to use them, but I never went further to see what. Users claim they can do most anything a Windows computer can, but their mouse still want auto-scroll, and not every printer, scanner, etc. will work wid them…so they are not like a Windows computer. I’ll only have that Chromebook that is converted to Fedora Linux ‘n CloudReady Linux now. Testing and experimenting wid Chromebooks is now basically over for me. Heck of a total package!

        Fuk Acer! 😉

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        • LOL yes, I know what I bought. Not bad for a housewife, eh? Go figure.

          Until Chromebooks do work perfectly under Linux I rather stay away from them. I don’t even wanna install printers and scanners but I must be able to install some nice Archy “toy OS”without any probs.

          Doesn’t matter now, my new lappy has already arrived at O.R. Thambo airport/Jo’burg and now has just the little road trip or local cargo flight from Jo’burg to CPT ahead of it. It’s about 1400 km (Hamburg –> Madrid) and is avised to arrive at our doorstep on Tuesday. Pheew …

          And Fuck Acer indeed!

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