Corona Diary: Day 519

Guten Morgen liebe Leute

What happened? I’ll show you:

Uh yes, the 3rd wave did happen (since multiple, months already) and is still happening. Not much newnesses here: Phizer will get approval in SA soon? I thought that’s the soup they are already spritzing here, since, like, day 1. Weird. Homeless persons will get vaccines, too? Yes, of course they will. Even hubby and me can apply and will get our jabs without much ado. We wouldn’t even need to be permanent residents for that. They are treating the homeless and tourists as well. Once you’re 18 y/o you’ll get your dose.

Oh my fukking gawd, Joe, you fukarolio! Can’t you be a bit less stubborn world leader and a bit more homo sapiens sapiens? Every fukn kid knows Covid-19’s origins, even your intelligence agencies know it. So why don’t you? The virus escaped from that lab in Wuhan were Chinese scientists were sciencing on that virus – on American orders and paid for by America! Now don’t act all surprised and don’t give us a cheap drama and don’t try to push the blame on China alone. They’ll just laugh at you. Same as all the world does.

It’s not like we all hate America, quite the contrary. You brought cool things into the world’s shared culture: skateboards, surfboards, hoverboards, mountain bikes, jetpacks … and some more things I just can’t remember right now. And the general population seems reasonably nice. We only hate your politicians and your military.

And let’s not forget, you gave us the saviour from Covid-19: God-Man!

Hey guys, nothing against your religious belief system, all the power to you and your god. But as you’ve learned from the comic strip God helps the ones who help themselves. Got it?

So don’t let the Covid fatigue overman you, don’t let your guard down, sanitize, wash, eat healthy, keep social distance, stay away from mass congregations and concert halls and churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and all the places where you can get infected!

CYA laterz


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