The World Sailing Show?

Whatever happened to that fancy YouTube channel?

I loved to relay their monthly videos about the international regatta scene to my bloggo, but kinda year ago they stopped producing new videos and left me and my readers on the high and dry. 😦


The World Sailing Show provides a monthly view of the racing world. From non-stop around the world racers, to Olympic campaigns; from seasoned professionals, to grass roots sailors, the joint initiative between TV producers Sunset+Vine and the sport’s governing body World Sailing covers a wide range of global racing activity.

The show reaches 200 territories both online and through a network of 60 broadcasters around the world including: ORF Austria, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Sports, Abu Dhabi Sports, ESPN, Mnet Supersport, TVP Poland, Sports TV Portugal, Movistar+, NTV Turkey, BT Sport, Sky New Zealand, Fox Australia, NEO India, Fox Lat Am, TYC Argentina, Esporte Interativo Brazil and many more.

Let’s be a good little reporter and research on the interwebz …

Their Facebook page looks dead. :/

Then I get more of a hunch when visiting their webite:

Mid-year meeting, technical commitees working, the world sailing association is alive and it dawns on me the lack of regatta coverage comes from a lack of regattas … due to Covid-19. So there you have it! Let’s hope for new and sometimes exciting media resumption of coverage of all kinds of sailing events in 2022 or 2023.

Until then RL sailing’s like in hibernation …

Sailing in 2020/21 in real life 😦

Fortunately SL doesn’t follow RL trends and, if anything, even gained in popularity during the RL lockdown. Thanks to Bianca, Lucy, Viv’s Free Spirit Cup, NYC and other club’s RDs, and Kittensusie’s LCC cruises, we’re not suffering a shortage of events or coverage thereof in SL here in this blog.

So, with some patience we’ll be able to watch some exciting RL sailing videos as soon as this nightmare pandemic is over and some of us did survive. 😉


  1. Indeed, as COVID prevented all travel and meeting, how could you organize regattas? Case in point: the SailGP on the former AC45s, turned 50’ fast foiling cats. They sailed the first regatta in the 2020 season in November 2019, then had to cancel. They have just resume the tour with an exciting regatta in Bermuda last month. Next stops include Spain, UK, France and more. Cheers !

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      • Well, in France it was live on cableTV. I kinda stumbled upon it on Saturday so il knew when to check back on Sunday. Else, you can watch it on the SailGP website or YouTube channel I guess.

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    • Well about Corvid and regattas. Justin sent me this notecard two days ago:

      In the May issue of “Sail” magazine there is an article about how various yacht and racing clubs were able to continue some of their programs under the COVID restrictions. The Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett, New York developed an event they named the Challenge Cup. “We allowed and encouraged anyone with a boat to sail around the markers using a self-timed, time trials format with different courses laid out. This allowed people to go out by themselves or in their bubble and time their race. This ended up being really popular.”

      HotLaps has moved to RL! Makes one wonder if someone on their board is also active in SL sailing.

      Creativity might help…

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      • “HotLaps has moved to RL!”


        Otoh I’m asking why are sail races not allowed? Contenders are keeping more than enough social distance since everyone is on their own floating island and in constant wind and fresh air. Can’t be any healthier and non-hazardous.


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