Sting: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

After Dustbin Bieber today we have a real muso:

I stopped being a Sting fan already after the first two Police albums but he’s a really talented songwriter and perfomer. We can’t take that away from him.

And thx anyway to all the musicians and pop stars playing the Tiny Desk Concerts for free, even in times of lockdown as Tiny Desk – Home – concerts.

Thank you Sting and all others.


  1. Love The Police! And Stink. Great stuff. Stings Live Bring on the Nite album is pretty good. Saw the Police two nights in a row in Montréal their last ever tour. Stewart Copeland back on drums for the classics. One of my best.

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    • Ya, okay, his Bring on the Night live album was also a party favourite for some time and I loved the documentary movie as well. Apart from that Mr. Sumner’s music is pretty boring I gotta say.

      And Stewart Copeland was one of the finest drummers of his time. Spends his time today composing movie scores far as I know. Just a shame we don’t hear much about the guitarist anymore. I even forgot his name. Very talented and versatile guy. Sting and Stewart talk in admiration of him.

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      • Andy Summers. As the Police they were great. The last Sting albums were pretty boring agreed. I would not go see a Sting concert nor buy an album but if ever they reunited again I would go in a heart beat. Definitely one of m’y favorite groups.
        Yes Copeland is amazing and that is a big part of the Police and their sound, his off beats. They just don’t make em like they used to. Something about trios; Rush, Police, Muse, all super original bands.

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