Corona Diary: Day 344 *EDIT*

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I uploaded with Google Photos, which isn’t accepted by WordPress. 😦 We just checked with hubby’s cellphone, the links to the respective articles do work flawlessly. Sorry again for the inconvenience. Now onto today’s diary:

Hah! Who would’ve thought … as soon as SA goes back to Lockdown Level 1 infections and death numbers going up again. Thank you, gvt! 😦

But hey, good news!

Once you’re infected with the South African mutation, other Covid-19 variants can do you no harm! 🙂

You can only be infected by one sort of Covid-19. Isn’t that a great relieve? Ready for the next 1,000 persons sex orgy on the beach?

Speaking of sex …

Those brave kiwis didn’t hesitate but started the repopulation measures already while still in lockdown.

And even more brilliant news:

Last year’s haji had been cancelled but in 2021 everything is soooo much better, so muslims from all all over the planet can come to Mecca in order to pray. And I guess that’s the best they can and should do when participating in such a super spreader event! Their lives will be in Allah’s hands, just as planned. 😐

Now a not so good news:

If you made vague plans to die from Covid-19 you better hurry and make them more concrete! Your insurance cover is about to go the way of the dodo if you’re slow to die. :/

The same everywhere. Why don’t people learn from their mistakes?

People are silly, and so are the latest Corona news. 😦 Know what I’m gonna do? Absolutely nuffink! I go only out when I must, I’ll wear a mask and keep social distance. I’ll behave like I did during the last 11 months or so. Still alive and feeling reasonably healthy, so it seems to work. No reason to let my guard down only coz some politclown says everything is easy now. Matter of factly it isn’t.

You, my people, you stay healthy alright? We’re too clever to fall for cheap paroles … by people who just wanna save heir businesses on cost of your life! 😮

Stay frosty!



    • I find it all a bit cynical. don’t you? Hey, good news, you gonna die from our homegrown local product. And that alone, no cheapo China shit in your bloodstream. Good patriot you!


      • They’re not saying that. I don’t like the name, and figure it’s only used here, because the strain first appeared here in CA. “They” think it’s why our infections and deaths spiked sooooo much in Jan. What no one’s explained is why it suddenly stopped.

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        • I was refering to our own South African strain. As you can see the news was that you won’t be infected by any other strain once you cought the original homegrown one. 🙂


        • Yes, WHO and/or our own health guru, prof Kabool, are preaching the same since weeks already. No problem, I can double mask … and die from a lack of air supply. 😦 Those measures are pure bullshit and nothing but a sign of the helplessnes of our great and wise leaders. As I said before I will not ever give any of ’em fukkaz my vote! Not ever again!

          After 11 months in lockdown I’m not showing any symptoms, not mingling with people, keeping social distance, sanitizing ever so often. Chances are 99.9999999% that I’m healthy. At least Covid-19-free! Why should I, of all the people, start wearing double masks? Most people out there, me included, are wearing completely wrong masks anyway. Mine looks cool but wouldn’t help in the fight against Covid-19. No diff if I wear one or two layers of it.

          And, honestly, if i was infected, I’d not be running around in public but would be lying down in a hospital bed, waiting for a ventilator. :/


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