Corona Diary: Day 339

Hey Awesomites!

I bet that J&J stuff is the awesomesauce!

Haha, I don’t wanna bragg … but I kinda have to now. You know while Country #1 is still struggling and testing and stuff – in shithole Republic South Africa the wonderjuice is already injected into people.

Sputnik V works well … say the Russkis. πŸ™‚

I guess this is more than just bragging, there is a basic truth speaking for the quality of Sputnik V: It’s not developed by a for-profit corporation but by state owned institutes and universities. Only the bestest top notch scientichniks from the bestest distilles are commissioned to work on this highly regarded snake oil. This guarantees a much higher quality. I just heard even mommy Merkel is in negotiations with Russia to purchase the one or other mega tonne of the good juice.

I’ve heard it tastes like vodka.

Meanwhile in Europe’s chaos country numero uno …

Typical: Loosened restrictions much too early, forseeable results. 😦

Oy vey! O mamma mia! 😦

We’re not as stupid as the spaghettis, no? We only lift our masks when we sip at the vino rosso, right? So we stay healthy and can read the Corona Diary: Day 340 tomorrow!

Until then sleep all well, keep warm, be excellent to each other and just generally be good peepelz!

Cya laterz


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