Prison: Day 244

United bankrobbers of planet Earth, I wish you wonderful gud moarning.

You know this Corona thing, ya? It’s getting worse every day. More infections, more people hospitalized, more people dying … and the only question on the experts’ minds is if we are in the second wave or not.

It’s a planetary disaster, no matter which wave we’re in. Fuksake!

So professor agrees with me: The wurst is still to come. But as long as the economy is open again and tourists are let into the country (but still don’t come) we don’t care much. Gym and food stores and mech and spraypainter are open for business, so we’re good.

I mean I’m talking with ease from my position of white privilege. At home we’re only two people and both not showing any symptoms in the last 8 months. In Oubaas I’m alone, at the shops I’m wearing my mask and get spritzed with hand sanitiser, the gym is cleaner than any ICU in any hospital, so I don’t expect to get sick anytime soon. /me suspiciously freightened knocks on wood. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

What else? Lots of blahblah …

Come on, if not even the world’s most powerful muppet can be bothered by something unprofitable like a worldwide pandemic, why should we little underlings give much of a fucque about it?

And maybe that’s not even the baddest way to handle the situation at hand. As long as each and everyone of us just cares about themselves, trying to not get infected by keeping social distance and keep clean, wear our masks and use hand sanitizer and stay out of unhygienic places we all should be good. Right?

In that sense I bid y’all a good rest of the day. Stay healthy and install Linux Mint on your spare computers … and all will be good.

cya laterz



  1. I sadly agree that the worst is to come.
    Unfortunately, many people here refuse to use basic precautions and act like masks are made of hornets!
    My neighbors didn’t take precautions. They were lucky that they, and people the infected, have so far had “bad flu symptoms” and no hospitalizations!!

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  2. Something like 250,000 dead by covid in the US. Los Angeles county has more daily cases that all of Japan. Hell, Japan ran a Breaking News crawler when Tokyo hit 536 infections in one day. We might too… because it would be a phenomenal low!!

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    • “Tokyo hit 536 infections”

      A city roundabout 20 times the size of LA! But you can’t compare them directly, the Nipponese are wearing masks since, like, forever. When out and about they just don’t wanna be a nuisance and danger for people around them. It’s common courtesy, same reason we’re wearing masks here. 8 months in and still healthy like a leapfrog, so I guess I’m not dangerous to be around. 99.99% of peeps are absolutely healthy, and when I’m at my mecha, we don’t wear masks between us. But as soon as I’m on the road and get out of my van it’s mask up! It’s the right thing to do!

      I’m having a very slight cold right now, after coming out of the shower and driving around town with windows cranked down. Of course I had to sneeze just when I was at the grocers. Gross! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Thankfully wearing my mask, so I was only grossing myself out. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Lol.
        I started wearing mask almost exactly 2yrs before the pandemic. And thank gawd I was 99% compliant with masks and distancing. My exception, the neighborkid who is part of the family outbreak. Her dad wasn’t compliant and now the whole family is sick. It’s pure luck that the kid and I didn’t see each other for several weeks. It probably saved my life!

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        • “I started wearing mask almost exactly 2yrs before the pandemic.”

          You a clairvoyant? Kuul! ๐Ÿ™‚

          “Her dad wasnโ€™t compliant and now the whole family is sick.”

          Sick’s not the correct term, you kommiebeach! In America we call it “phreedum” so you know. ๐Ÿ˜


            • That’s pandemic 101. As a government man he should know these things. Do you think he would ignore the mask if communism spread the same way? Take mask off for a second, blink … and suddenly the whole family starts reading “The Capital” or the “Communist Manifesto”, hates your man Guaido and is wearing Che Guevara shirts. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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          • Not psychic… watch ccx a lot of Japanese tv thought they were cool (esp because I have chronic winter cough that sounds horrible). Someone posted a set of cat face masks (they have little ears!) and joked that I should get them. I immediately did!!

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              • Duuude… I was just woken by a massive “WEAR YOUR MASK!” fight outside (not involving covid guy).i’m udually 2st person out the door, calling cops, but something told me to stay inside so I did.
                Shit, I think I still hear them (a block away)

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                • I just wonder why is everybody so aggro about the mask wearing? And why do the steenkeen coppers need to get involved in every dispute?

                  Other day I forgot mine in the van, and at the door of some store security lady told me nicely I can’t enter without mask … I turned around, embarrassed, and scufled to the van to get my mask. No problem to get into the shop after that. Smiley faces all around, economy saved. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  Had that clerk shouted at me with an aggro voice I’d shouted back and became a real beach myself. But why?


                  • Oh, and hey, you’re dwelling in sunny Californ-I-Ay, right? Why are they making a ruckus in the streets instead of going surfing???


                  • I’ve only seen one fight in a store and it was the customer being aggro. Believed they had freedom not to wear a mask but store owner was required to do business with them.

                    Whatever went on this morn was in purely residential area. Neighbors across the street said they couldn’t hear what was being said but the yelling was by someone in a car who would scream, drive a circle around the block, and scream again. That explains all the fast/aggressive driving I heard… I didn’t realize it was the same car over & over. Police should have been called because he was driving recklessly and repeatedly threatening someone. This is borderline gang area, increasing the chance of either party pulling a gun.

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                    • “it was the customer being aggro.”
                      Ppl don’t like being called out, hun. Easy as that. Approach them nicely and just gesture to them that they forgot to put their mask on and hint on the store policy/laws … many will, probably say “Ooopsy” like I did and get back and bring their masks.

                      So the ruckus was by caused by some weirdo/gangster/junkie in a car? Yes, I’ve heard about the opiate crisis, it’s terrible. So many ppl drugged out of their minds, not just brutal gang members but ppl from all walks of life, housewifes, accountants, bizniz men, everybody …


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