R.I.P. Triumphal Yacht Club

Yes you read right. Triumphal as you know from my blogs over most of the year is gone.

Well let me discribe the last days:

Laured told us after the Bandit 25R race that Trap has an interest to buy Triumphal: Rupali Thakur. 2 or 3 hours later i saw Trap online and asked her about the sale and she said nothing is decided and she promised to tell us early enough when it will happen.

When i came online in the morning Triumphal was sold and without any further messages at all. I tried to message Rupali for more informations and the future plans for TrYC. Some hours later Rupali answered with a long notecard and some ideas and asked for Lucy’s and my opinion to decide wise as Rupali said.
Rupali mentioned several times in her notecard to us that all must have some kind of profit. I sorted my thoughts, wrote an answer and made a map what would be needed for continuing races at TrYC. I mentioned as well that TrYC has a long history and succesful history and a well known name, but doesnt make much profit. Well i had hope and trust and didnt want to see the “profit sword” hanging over our heads.

Rupali contacted the renters at Triumphal and asked for their parcel size and rent they pay. Trap didnt tell Rupali anything which was quite strange as well. the renters sent back their informations and for some time nothing happened. So they went offline.
That was the moment the caterpillar came and terraformed the eastern half of Triumphal. No warning. No word. Nothing. Just dirt over the rented parcel with all stuff still in it.

Half of Laured’s inworld shop and marina after the caterpillars finished

The other sims on that half look very similiar. Rupali didnt care if the paint job of Laured is her buisiness or if the other renters have any non copy objects out on their nicely made parcels… Just dirt over it and then put it on sale for 990K Lindens.
That was the moment i stopped to believe any of Rupalis words, to keep TrYC on the remaing half and let us continue with our very successful work in this year.
Organising races means a lot of work, enthusiasm, energy and if you wanna do it right you do it with all your heart.
When will Rupali tell Lucy or me we are the next two who better leave the place because we dont bring any profit or changes things without any warnings so we have no other chance than to leave. Successful and long history of a very old and well known club doesnt bring any Lindens. I am more an emotional enthusiast than a cold banker and i dont fit in this part of our world.

This all made me not to sleep over my desicion as i usually do and to pack up my stuff immediately, to cancell all my activities there for next 2-3 weeks and to promise to come back. I left very sad TrYC behind.

Stay all safe and healthy and stay tuned i will be back soon.

hugs and kisses


  1. Thx for the news report, Bianca.
    And I was so friendly to Rupali when she contacted me, TPd to Triumphal directly and deleted my skyplat. Fortunately I didn’t rent any land and could get out quickly without losing anything. But Laured’s paint shop and Wippy’s Hygge business … they are phuked. 😮

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    • This land company “Happy Life Land and Rentals” has to owners. One is Rupali we talked to and who made all the nice statements. The other one now tries to excuse the mess he did with saying that he never talked to us. That is right but do i have to say in a company with 2 bosses everything twice? Does the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing? What kind of company is that?

      This is out of a chat with the second owner:

      His message: “Do we know each other? Have we spoken before? Let me tell you i am not liable for any explanation to you. Talk to the previous owner. I have not received any rent or any other detail about you and your occupancy at Triumphal.” – VERY TRUE WE DID ALL THE CONVERSATION WITH HIS PARTNER

      “I shall treat you as a new client. However, being kind enough i have not yet removed any of your stuff from the land.” – NO HE JUST BURIED ALL UNDER LOTS OF DIRT BY TERRAFORMING THE PARCELS WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS.


      . “Either leave the place or we are going to restructure it completely and you can take a plot of your choice from the land available. Thank you.” – SEE THATS THE WAY TO KICK OUT PEOPLE RENTING A PARCEL THERE FOR YEAR WITH A SUCCESSFULL INWORLD SHOP. AND SEE HOW MUCH THESE GUYS CARE.

      I can only say you cant trust this company in any way. They will do what its best for them, dont care for their clients and excuse their rudeness by not knowing what the partner said.


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      • They just im me and said they left the terrafoming open to everyone but they didnt do it. I guess they want to make me believe in Santa Claus again… But did they leave open as well that anyone could devide Triumphal into two halfs and set one half on sale for 990K Linden…?

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  2. Sad to hear.
    There are other places with potential though… from PlumGut SC to reviving Sea of Fables, to sailing around Ahab’s Haunt, or sailing from Farragut race line of you want to remain in the area…

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    • “reviving Sea of Fables”

      One of my favourite choices. Sansara has a rich history of sailing and yacht clubs … and nowadays better developed waterways than ever before. We can sail from Mowry or the East River all the way to Bay City without life-threatening dangers. And I guess LL would be helpful in rezzing startlines and buoys for us. Unfortunately are land prices on Sansara very high, so establishing a club will need some careful negotiations. Maybe Kate Foulsbane is open for re-opening the MBYC again or we can use one of the many LCC outposts or Francois Jacques Sailing Resource Centers … or – staying on Nautilus – blowing new life into TYC …

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        • Yes, I’ve noticed, kitten. Directly on the neighbour parcel in Selby. With the old clubhouse and all.
          So Saxxie is back. Cool. Of course he’s in charge, MBYC is his club. But we both know he was never much into the actual sailing but more the building, social networking and party stuff. :/

          So I guess Lucy and Bia would be more than welcome to re-establish a Sansara racing programme thereabouts. Guess I’ve still got some old charts for Mare Secundus and SoF stuffed away somewhere …

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  3. I’m so sorry Bianca. Other than the weather, things were going so well thanks to you. Too bad Trap had to sell so suddenly and the land barons swooped in 😦 I will help support anything you are able to figure out.

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  4. Sad to hear. i just have read the group notice. Although i stopped sailing and racing it was a part of me. and TrYC was my home for quite a time.

    I remember very well the interviewi had with Orca when i joined the club, all the cool little events: Orca’s world tour, Rosie’s Racers, the sea of fables that ate my boats faster that i could rez them when Sammy called for her event.
    And of course the Blue Marlins and Seccond Solstice (Sail 4 Life) in 2013.
    I remember how much we have practiced and how someone of the crew found out how to speed up the Patch which helped us a lot in the qualifying round at the Leviathan. I also remember the hour before the final started and i was close to a heartattack 🙂
    I was proud to race for TrYC because it was a good club with friendly, helpfulf and funny people. And though each of us was a unique and special snowflake we managed to work as team and made the 3rd in that awesome championship.

    It was a great yacht club and i will keep it in my heart together with all the people i met there: Charles and Fiona, Orca, Dammy, Rosie, Laured.
    And also those who had a link to the club and were dedicated elsewhere as well: Iteke who shared my passion for the Nacra and Laser, Hanne with her ocean race in Farragut, Wolfhard from NYC who taught me sailing in SL in the little Nemo, the shiprats Silber and Ralf who knew every single rule and are long gone by now.

    It were wonderful times and will never be forgotten.
    Gonna miss you, hooligan yacht club.


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    • Thank you so much for that Serenity… I could even feel when you told all the events how much fun it must have been.
      It was still a nice family at Triumphal and during the last 8 months Lucy and i got TrYC back on the race calendar. But well nothing is forever even if we wish it sometimes. Yes it is very sad and i went so fast… No real chance to save it…
      Money had other plans with it and years of tradition just dont pay off… But Lucy and i will stand up and move on, only just somewhere else now.

      hugs and kisses

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      • Don’t forget an opportunity just arose in the newly reformed MBYC!

        Clubhouse for parties, startline directly at the front door. Courses galore. Sansara is a whole continent full of sailing opportunities and could be a real counterpiece to the fukn Blake Sea if we really wanted.

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  5. Orca introduced me to Triumphal soon after I started learning to sail from Nantucket. She saw me there and showed me around Triumphal, so that was the first yacht club I ever joined. I’ve lots of great memories from there – racing Charles and Fiona around the island on hovercrafts; jumping a boat into Horrorbag and landing in someone’s bedroom; later managing to jump Horrorbag completely and landing in Coontz; Orca accidentally deleting the main building; Orca accidentally selling the land…..

    When I took over the Sunday cruises for the Mowry Bay Cruising Club (later to become co-owner of the club after which it became the Leeward Cruising Club), the first place we sailed from was Triumphal, and we’ve redone that cruise every January for the last 10 years. No more though 😦

    Thank you all who made TrYC such a great place. I’m sorry to see it end like this, and feel sorry for all those who have been let down by recent events 😦

    Just been there – all the main buildings on the western side are gone, and the land is now for sale for just L$2,800,000 (US$13,706).

    Any takers? *facepaws*

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    • 2.8 million? They must be crazy. Nothing in SL is worth that. Unless serious ownership rights and some sort of stability are guaranteed it will never be worth that again either.

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    • I think every yc should count themselves lucky to have the TrYC powerduo hosting races for them. I’d prefer Lucy buying a new parcel for the club but I’ll not get involved since my time in SL is up.


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