WindsurfingRace Day 13 with Sea Boss Rider at TrYC

Yesterday was what we can call a normal day… Some came through smoothly, some didnt… some had issues but could still finish…

Nicole, Lucy, Sanja, Adeli and Viv joined me for the race. Walthard and Mera watched us interested from the dock.
We did the Courses TrYC Sea Boss Rider and after wards the TrYC Sea Boss Rider reversed with wind South and 21knots.

Top Row from left: Adeli, Sanja, Viv, Nicole, Lucy. Bottom: me

The start of all in the first race was quite ok and the fleet left the harbour like a string of Pearls. At the first buoy happened some litte Duells, but with arriving the 3rd buoy it seemd all had found their Pearl Position… i was a little in the lead chased by Lucy and the rest of the “hunters”. The last Crossing before buoy 4 my cam showed normal Position and board in full Speed on right direction, but something was wrong. I wasnt on it anymore and i wasnt even on minimap anymore… So i just could wait until the grey screen told me “Sorry, Game over for you”. After i came back i could decide, get back on maybe a broken board and sail far behind the fleet or find nice spots for the following pics:

Sanja racing over my screen
Lucy still leading the fleet
Sanja, Adeli and Nicole following Lucy “social distanced”
Adeli and Nicole fighting at the buoy
Lucy made it first over the line – Congrats
Sanja (front), Adeli (middle) and Nicole (back) still like the string of pearls

If you miss Viv… well she joined me in my crash destiny during the race sometime.
I think These pics tell it better than more words from me.

The second race was kind of a crazy one. For some of us the conditions became quite weird, even though all finished. Well ist a normal Thing for me to start overearly and then chase the fleet. Happened this time again. And right when i switched on the turbo to chase Sanja i crossed a boarder and got caught by a Tornado, which turned turned me around without any Control until the board decided ist enough and pushed me into the water (capsize). Viv passed me again and Sanja disappeared somewhere at the horizon. A Little later Viv lost Control of her board as well and only a moor command could give it back to her. Further in front Lucy and Adeli fought for the lead, Sanja passed Nicole and got them very near. She surfed very well and if the crossing to Dunai Sound wouldnt have make her crash again like last week, it would have been a realy exciting final with Lucy and Adeli.
If we dont look at some issues and some temporaily frustrations i can say it was another exciting Windsurfing race day.

Here are the results:

Race 25: 2020-06-11-TrYC Sea Boss Rider-S21:
1: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — 00:13:07 8 points
2: SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — 00:13:25 5 points
3: Adeli Panthar IDBSB673 — 00:13:31 3 points
4: Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — 00:13:48 2 points
5: vivipezz Resident IDBS42D3 — not Finished 1 point
6: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — not Finished
Lap Times:
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:12:52
SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:13:20
Adeli Panthar IDBSB673 — Start: 00:00:32 — Last lap: 00:12:59
Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: 00:13:28
vivipezz Resident IDBS42D3 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: not finished
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — Start: 00:00:12 — Last lap: not finished

Race 26: 2020-06-11-TrYC Sea Boss Rider-reversed-S21:
1: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — 00:12:23 8 points
2: Adeli Panthar IDBSB673 — 00:12:32 5 points
3: TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — 00:13:22
4: vivipezz Resident IDBS42D3 — 00:13:45 3 points
5: Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — 00:13:52 2 points
6: SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — 00:15:49 1 point
Lap Times:
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:12:21
Adeli Panthar IDBSB673 — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:12:25
TgBianca Resident IDBSEB40 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:13:09
vivipezz Resident IDBS42D3 — Start: 00:00:17 — Last lap: 00:13:28
Nicole Myhre IDBS8754 — Start: 00:00:22 — Last lap: 00:13:30
SanjaSH Resident IDBS5FAD — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:15:43

Standing overall TrYC 2020 Sea Boss Rider Championchip (after 26 races):
Sailors-points-number of races
Sanja 84 26
Lucy 77 22
Viv 64 17
Nicole 51 16
Adeli 38 10
Moon 34 6
Laured 14 8
Sea 5 2
Genara 2 2

We will have something new in the near future. Palani owns 4 sims in a square called “Eki”. Viv organised there in the last 2 years the “Free Spirit Cup” and she made there an interesting windsurfing Course. So my plan is to sail two weeks at TrYC and one week at Eki and i think one week in July we will go there for the first time. So more interesting and exciting Windsurfing Action will follow.

hugs and kisses


  1. Or … you could do like me in 2013 and take your windsurfers on a world tour. Try all navigable waters on the grid, use islands as natural markers, rez your own startlines if needed. I had races on the pervert continent and the ex-teen grid, in Bay City, Sea of Fables and afaik I was the last one ever organizing a race in the Zebrasil Fjord on Jeogeot, which is now used for warships rolepay. The raceline and some marker buoys are stil there tho.
    And even if we had some technical problems, it was always exciting sailing in unknown waters far from home.

    Liked by 3 people

    • i tried several cooperations with other Clubs… but never worked, because their definition of cooperation was different to what i learned about it… so i do my own thing now and i am glad Viv and Palani like it… so i think you will read soon of first race there and will see how it went…


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