Boys Will Be Boys!


Phone company LG Poland apologized for its TikTok video ad depicting a man taking photos of a woman in a skirt as she ascends a staircase.

From Android Authority:

LG Poland recently posted a video on TikTok, showing an elderly man apparently taking upskirt photos of a woman walking up stairs. The woman then turns around and grabs the LG V60 being used by the man, scrolling through the gallery app on the second screen. However, the woman only finds selfies of the man in question.

The woman then returns the LG V60 to the elderly man, who promptly scrolls in the opposite direction and reveals that, yes, he has indeed taken pseudo-upskirt shots.

After people complained about the video, LG Poland took it down and issued the following statement:

“A recent video posted by LG Poland failed to follow the proper approval process for social media content. It did not live up to the standards and policy of LG Electronics and was immediately removed. We apologize for any offense this ill-conceived video may have caused. We will strive to prevent such an occurrence from happening again in the future.”

Yes, it is a bonafide scandal or sumfink and LG had to apologize … I dunno, I don’t care. I just found the clip funny. Look, everybody knows Poland is a Europe’s dirty little secret, the secretly fascist and always broke evil uncle the whole family is ashamed of. The ad is still kinda funny, so kindly fuk off please. 😉


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