Some Hippie Music Anyone?

Whoa! Just stumbled onto this cover version of Roundabout by Yes.

Look and listen:

This is great for so many reasons:

  • how a 50 years old song is still so fukn toe-tapping relevant
  • how a  buncha boring old farts come out of nowhere and replicating a pretty complex piece of classical rock in such a perfect way
  • how they got rid of the nerve wracking falsetto of Jon Anderson and replaced him with a woman straight away. Much better than the original 🙂
  • how they did it all in quarantine, from their respective homes


Here’s the legendary original by one of the musically bestest British bands ever:

So, tell me frens, what cool projects did you achieve during the locky downy?





Oh hey, this isn’t about me … also I asked first!


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