Solving Hubby’s Problem … Maybe

Hey awesomes!

Sorry to walk on your nerves with just another short Linux story newness opinion whatever post.

So, hubby very much liked the Mate desktop so far. Not entirely as much as his old KDE Plasma 4 DE but that’s unreachable and out of production anyway. But he is ok with Mate, except not with the Arch-based distro we both are using: Namib GNU/Linux. He’s indeed a tiny bit angry because of the many many updates we receive almost every day. Although today was pretty quiet up to now (Sunday 10:00 A.M.). Either all the Arch devs are attending church service right now, or are sleeping away their hangovers from last night. I bet later this afternoon the highly nervous ArchLinux communiy will receive the one or other update. But aynway, I digress … where was I?

Uh, yes. Arch not good for hubby, because of updates every fukn day. But he didn’t like MX’s and vanilla Debian’s Mate version neither because … what do I know. Something irritated him about them as well. So hubby’s waifu, last night had a grand idea: Pefect compromise: Why not install Manjaro Mate on my new tiny test rig, Gagamore? Manjaro is known for only updating every fortnite or so, still it’s a heavily curated Arch-like distro.



Manjaro Mate freshly installed. In fact so fresh, I haven’t even done the initial update yet, but left the little affair of 415 updates (!) entirely for hubby to amuse himself with. πŸ™‚ He shall do so laterz tonight or so. And I really hope he’ll like it. Because Manjaro was my first and only ArchLinux distro, I used that glorious shit even until February last year.

So I’m kinda curious to find out how it fares nowadays, if it’s gotten any better and how it compares to Namib. But most curious am I about to find out if it finds mercy under hubby’s very critical eyes. Would be swell since I can’t bear his constant nagging and angry face anymore. Linux is supposed to make usΒ  happy, dammit! And ArchLinux should catapult us directly into computer paradise. πŸ™‚

Oh, talking of the friendly and aweome devil: New update just arrived. Don’t nobody say Arch ain’t the coolest community. πŸ™‚


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