Learning Made in Second Life – CNDG

Not a SL Destination today but a truly stunning learning experience.

Learn more about education in Second Life at https://secondlife.com/view/education

Learn more about CNDG at https://cndg.info/

Our new “Made in Second Life” series continues with the first installment focusing on virtual world education – “Learning Made in SL.” Each year, many students further their education through virtual classes and unique learning scenarios presented in numerous immersive environments within the Second Life virtual world.

This edition puts the spotlight on Chant Newall Development Group, LLC (CNDG), which has utilized the Second Life platform for interactive offerings in biology, chemistry, economics and environmental science. CNDG works closely with Florida State University and the University of Central Florida on Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) that include experiences that range from taking students inside of a human cell, using a forensic science application to solve a murder mystery, exploring Easter Island as it would have been some 500 years ago, and much more.

William (Bill) Prensky, who is the CEO of CNDG, talks about the unique opportunities that VLEs afford students and educators alike, in this informative video.

Production Credits:

Video produced by Draxtor Despres

Logo designed by Marianne McCann


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