An Open Letter to Linden Lab Petition Fast Approaching 2, 500 Signatures

Crappy idea by 2,500 confuzlerizered avies is met with disgust by most reasonable SL residents. Read all about it in Daniel’s latest bloggy post:

Daniel Voyager

About three days ago a new petition was setup by Second Life residents called An Open Letter to Linden Lab on the website which is fast approaching 2, 500 signatures. The open letter is aimed at Ebbe Altberg and the Linden Lab team mainly.

The open letter was written on the behalf of a population of residents within Second Life who have been disheartened about the latest pricing changes. It’s important to note that Linden Lab has the final say on these matters. The petition is waiting for an official response from Linden Lab.

Feel free tosign the petition here

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  1. Actually it isn’t even 2500…. just go to the commenst sectiuon an count how oftwen you will read ” I don’t agree but I signed anyway”…

    “confuzlerizered” is not a word strong enough to describe this situation – On the other hand, whatever they are on, can someone prescrinbe me the same stuff please?

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    • ““confuzlerizered” is not a word strong enough”

      Hmmm, fukn polite me didn’t dare calling those kidz “arsefukkered”. 😉 This is a blog of distinction and good taste, you see.



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