Micro$oft Did It Again!

They indeed made themselves even more unpopular than they already were. I mean, how deep into the doghouse can they go?



WTF? Don’t you ask yourself sometimes if Windows works for you or if you are in fact just a mostly useless burden for your Operating System? Hey, you should be so glad you got a wonderful Win10 and didn’t even have to pay for it. So shut up, will ya?

But wait a moment. Let me ask you some more questions, please:

If Cortana tells you to buy a new expensive dress, will you do it?

If you ask Cortana whom to vote in the presidential election and Cortana tells you “Hillary”, would you do it? I mean, you and I we both know how dangerous and undemocratic that woman is … but Cortana says you must vote for her. And Cortana is the voice of your computer, the most trusted machine in your household, Computers can’t be wrong … so Cortana can’t be wrong, right?

Now look a couple years into the future … no, maybe add a few years more. Imagine your only input/output device is VOICE, no keyboard, no mouse, no screen. Just a Octopus on your face, total VR, and your voice … and Cortana’s voice who tells you it’s time to go to bed. Would you do as Cortana says?

No, eh? Nobody would be so stupid and … oh wait, you’re indeed feeling a bit tired and when was Cortana ever wrong, so why not indeed go to bed?

Congratz M$, still nobody likes you and you’re out of favour as ever, but you just won the race against humanity.

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