About Orca

house_001Orca Flotta, publisher, editrix-in-chief, author, star reporter, photo editor and principal analyst of Thar She Blows!, is quite an old avie in Second Life (Jan. 07), always busy with something, doesn’t like to chat but loves to tell you lots of stuff. That’s why she started to blog about her SLife in 2011. Before that time she was always too busy for blogging.

The ever changing topics of her blog include – but aren’t limited to – sailing, motorbiking, exploring the grid, travel, motoring, GNU/Linux Operating Systems, free and open source software, computer hardware (but no smartphones and tablets, ever), movies and anime, politics and nonsense, lots of nonsense, mountains of nonsense … unbelievable amounts of nonsense. If you expect to find beauty tips or the hottest fresh fashion posts here, you better look elsewhere.

Astonishingly Orca’s blog grew to become quite successful under its first address http://orcasl.blogspot.com/. But since she’s an open source and internet freedom advocate Orca couldn’t live with Google as host for her blog anymore, so she switched to the far more politically correct WordPress system https://orcaflotta.blog/. That is what you’re watching now.

DontTryHomeOrca  is also a trained stunt avie, often doing obviously stupid shit which would harm her in physical and mind matters. Like getting kicked out of and being banned from all sorts of forums.

Oh, and before you ask; yes, Orca is a 100% full-time Linux user on all 5 of her computers, trying her best to de-google her life and stay away from so-called ‘social networks’. But don’t call her a girlgeek or geekgirl since she ain’t anything like a geek.

Any comments, wishes, ideas, loveletters and insults please send them to orca.flotta@gmx.de or just type a comment in the bloggy or … make me cringe and chat me up in world. 😉


A little disclaimer: Orca Flotta is an entity that exclusively exists in and around the realm of Second Life. Even if this blog sometimes refers to her private civilian life – as if a SL avatar would know anything about the real world – it’s not a topic to be discussed in this blog. I, and I alone, decide about what and when and how much of my private life information I share with you guys.



  1. what?? when??? but probably On my, smiles i just cracked the cork on a good red reading miata bollocks she’s sad, but funny xxx


    • Looooong ago, hun. You wrote a comment that was meant to appear as response to an article, but posted it in this section. I guess that was also the one and only time I deleted something from my blog. You gotta pay better attention what you and others are doing, Sam!


    • Thank you, Cybele. Well, I’ve started blogging on WordPress but that was a totally different, over 20 years ago and real life blog of which I don’t even know the URL anymore. Neither my password. It was in German and a shortlived collab with another fiction writer. It was more of an experiment to exchange ideas and texts for proofreading. Anyhoo, I somehow wasn’t able to start another blog on WordPress so I went with Blogger when I started my SL blog. Once Google became too mean I managed to retrieve my original blog or find another workaround and could go on with WordPress again.

      About prolific-ness … prolificity … whatever (sorry, my English sucks), I have that tendency to rate quantity over quality. 🙂 My personal record is at 8 daily posts. And, yes, I know that is a tiny bit maniacal. 😮

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